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Returning To Group Work

Thankfully, as the numbers of the new COVID-19 cases in our community continue to decrease, MYFRC have returned to direct group work.  We would like to remind parents/guardians and Young People of the measures we have in place to ensure the safety of children, Young People and staff while at MYFRC.  Please visit the Policies & Procedures section of our web-site for more detailed COVID-19 related information. 



MYFRC is committed to providing a safe, healthy and fun environment for all our Young People and staff. To ensure that this happens, we have developed the following COVID-19 Response Plan. Our Board of Management and our staff are responsible for the implementation of this plan and a combined effort will help contain the spread of the Virus. The successful and sustained opening of our Youth Group will greatly depend on our collective individual responsibility-Young People, parents/guardians, staff and Board of Management.  


When is it safe for Young People to Return to Youth Groups:

Young People should not attend their Youth group if…

They can return to their group after…

They have been diagnosed with Covid-19 or are suspected of having a case of Covid-19 and they are awaiting their test results

14 days from testing

They have been in close contact with a person who has been diagnosed with Covid-19 or a person who has a suspected case and they are awaiting their test results

14 days from testing

They have returned home after travelling abroad to a country not on the Irish Government’s Green List

14 days after returning to Ireland

They have an underlying health condition and have been directed by a health care professional not to attend the Youth Group Once approved by healthcare professional

They are feeling unwell

48 hours after feeling better



MYFRC staff have been trained and have implemented a number of measures to limit the risk of infection including measures to prevent the virus being brought into the setting and to reduce the chance of spread of the virus in case it is inadvertently brought into the setting. We will focus on ensuring appropriate infection prevention and control. In this regard, it is important that settings and parents/guardians follow advice of the Health Prevention Surveillance Centre (HPSC), the Health & Safety Authority (HAS) and the Health Service Executive (HSE). MYFRC will focus on the following in particular:

  • Continue to monitor our COVID-19 response plan and amend this plan in consultation with our staff and Board of Management
  • Hand-washing and ensuring that children and Young People learn good hand-washing techniques
  • Respiratory hygiene and ensuring that children and Young People learn good techniques
  • Sanitizing equipment and surface areas regularly
  • A maximum number of 10 Young People per group with 2 meters distancing
  • Staff will wear face covers and visors when safe social distancing cannot be maintained
  • Young People in our TEENS groups to wear face coverings (unless otherwise directed by a health professional) where 2 meters distancing can’t be maintained
  • Operating a one-way system entering/exiting the building
  • Keep a contact log to help with contact training

If Young People do not feel well:   

  • If your Young Person has symptoms associated with a viral infection, even if they are mild, they must not attend MYFRC
  • Likewise parents/guardians who have respiratory symptoms must not be involved in collection or drop off.
  • Parents/guardians must not take their Young Person to MYFRC if a parent/guardian or anyone else in your home is suspected of having or known to have Covid-19.
  • If your Young Person displays symptoms of Covid-19 while attending MYFRC, they will be isolated in our designated isolation room until they are collected by their parent/guardian.  A Parent/guardian will be directed to contact your GP straight away and follow HSE advice. 

 The symptoms to take note of are as follows…

  1. A temperature of 38 degrees Celsius or higher 
  2. A new cough 
  3. Loss or changed sense of taste or smell
  4. Shortness of breath 

MYFRC will continue to safeguard children and Young People’s needs for physical care and ensure that they all feel safe, that they belong and enjoy their experience. MYFRC will continue to follow the latest guidelines from the relevant bodies. 

Other Information:

  • Parents/guardians should follow the drop off policy i.e. do not enter buildings, wear face coverings, etc
  • Talk to your Young Person about their return to Youth Group.  Please don’t hesitate in contacting any member of our team if they have any concerns
  • Do not bring any items from home unless agreed in advance with a staff member.
  • Secondary School aged Young People must wear face coverings 





MYFRC Strategic Plan 2021 – 2024


Thanks to the support of our Young People, parents/guardians, volunteers, staff, Board of Management and key stakeholders, we officially launched our Strategic Plan 2021 – 2024.  If you would like to see our plan for supporting people in Mountmellick, and surrounding areas for the next four years, please click on the link below.